Paris Scarves 101

Hello lovlies! Has it ever occured to you that mabe you don't have enough scarfs? And have you ever wondered at least one of many how-to's about them? Well, I think most of us did. Even if you didn't, just pretend like you did, I don't want to be the only one on this world who can't manage a scarf!

A Thousand Little Laughing Bells Giveaway

My little Parisienne reached 1k pageviews!! Well, not exactly today but the point is, it did, right? And when it did, it was a very special day for me so I want to share it with you regardless and also announce a little giveaway! Allez go!

Bosphorus Scenery Bogazici University

Nouvelle Vague In Istanbul; An Insightful Interview And A Spectecular Show

Nouvelle Vague Concert Shot

Friday was another day at library until I received the e-mail that was going to change the whole course of the day and the evening. The e-mail brought together the most harmonical combination of words: "Interview, Nouvelle Vague, 8pm"

Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Valentino

Verdict: It's definetely not the same watching a show live and looking at the photos of creations. I wish I did this more often. While watching the show online was such a blast I can't even imagine being present in the venue. I only attended to two fashion shows back in Istanbul and they were both so moving. I have to admit that I have serious suspicions that I may be suffering from a bit of Stendhal Syndrome. And I can't wait to share the pieces from Valentino show that made me swoon.

Valentino Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014