A Post Full Of Fashion, Style and Trends: Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week And Oscars Favorites

Lupita Nyongo Charlize Theron Oscar 2014

Before we start, lovely Natalia of Fashioned By Love tells us where and when we can watch the Paris Fashion Week shows on livestream along with the schedule! Such a massive contribution, thank you very much Natalia!! After all the fashion frenzy I see around I almost feel obligated to express my views as well. Just in case if my readers didn't see enough of fashion rant everywhere. Kidding. Funny thing is, they say on the first few months of your blogging path your readers are basically your mom and your friends. For me, my mom doesn't read my blog, at all. My friends doesn't even acknowladge it exists! If you're a friend and if you read this leave a comment so I know! But I'm quite happy with the traffic I've been receiving so thank you everyone who stopped by and made my day!

Lupita Nyongo Oscar 2014

How many things you can possibly hope to fit in one post? I guess this one is going to take its place in history as one of the most loaded posts. What you need to know about my blog's kitchen is, I keep blogging even when I'm not posting. How? I collect or edit images, note down ideas and browse the web constantly for inspiration. 

Kristen Bell Oscar 2014

But I took an extended weekend off and did what? Let me tell you. I handed a big common law assignment and now am feeling light as a feather! Also, it was my mum's birthday on Friday and guess who was the guest of honour? Of course no one else but my boyfriend, B. This came off as a sort of first meeting with parents. Sort of because they met before, very briefly. Also my mum knew him all along but elders of our family didn't. So, it was a bit of a big deal for everybody. We were excited. Lot's of good news came out from this union as you can see here. But let's stick with our fashion post now. Shall we?

Just because I'm following from behind doesn't mean that I have to ignore it all together, right? Here, you can find my picks from Milan & London Fashion Week and Oscar Red Carpet. 

Milan Fashion Week
Favorites from Milan Fashion Week
Image Source
1. Fendi 2. Emilio Pucci 3. Emporio Armani 4. Giorgio Armani 5. Versace 6. Etro 7. Gucci 8. Tod's

I couldn't help but falling for Etro's smart look with ethnic patterns. I'm not much fan of ethnic but this is ethnic patterns done right. Gucci's mini dress looks like dresses of space ship crew girls' dress and the look it creates is so flattering so as the Emporio Armani's take on vest and skirt. The boheme inside me was helpless when I saw the Emilio Pucci dress. It has such a nice hue.

London Fashion Week
Favorites from London Fashion Week
Image Source
1. Burberry Prorsum 2. Vivienne Westwood Red Label 3. Paul Smith 4. Tom Ford

I just loved Burberry Prorsum's approach on belt and scarf. I really enjoy wearing my scarves loose and sometimes with a belt around them even! I'll be the most enthusiastic follower of that trend as it seems!

86th Academy Awards
Best Dress Oscar 2014
Image Source
1. Jenna Dewan - Reem Acra 2. Naomi Watts - Calvin Klein 3. Kate Hudson - Versace 4. Cate Blanchett - Armani 5. Julie Delpy - Jenny Packham 6. Camila Alves - Gabriela Cadena 7. Olivia Wilde - Valentino 8. Jennifer Lawrance - Christian Dior 9. Amy Adams - Gucci 10. Sandra Bullock - Alexander McQueen 11. Lupita Nyong'o - Prada 12. Charlize Theron - Christian Dior 13. Anne Hathaway - Gucci 14. Lady Gaga - Versace 15. Angelina Jolie - Elie Saab 16. Sally Hawkins - Valentino

I can't praise Kate Hudson's number enough! She is my favorite when it comes to red carpet glam along with Charlize Theron who sported a sleek black gown with sheer straps. Red carpet was a sea of nudes, pale pinks and creams this year. Cate Blanchett was a total sweetheart and I loved her gown. Also Camila Alves looked very sophisticated in her pale pink number. Julie Delpy's dress looked nice but it was shaded by Kate Hudson's awesomeness. Lady Gaga surprised us with her relatively normal look in her Versace piece. Jennifer Lawrance was on the brave side and she picked up an orange - red number for the night. Have you seen her falling gracefully again? I found Lupita Nyong'o's Nairobi blue Cinderella dress well played. Her hair band and earrings were exactly matching to Cinderella's. Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock looked like they decided to stay on the safe side while Angelina Jolie seemed to be out of her comfort zone. I found Sally Hawkins' Valentino too much for her. Jenna Dewan's nude piece was one of the good examples standing out in the sea of nudes during night.

Have you noticed the dirty blonde hair colours and pulled back hairstyles? I can't say I really liked it but maybe it's a trend knocking on the door. Anyone?


  1. Great picks for all three events! And congrats on handing the assignment in, I love that feeling. Would love to hear more about what happened at your mum's birthday!
    Lucy xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life & Travel in Italy

    1. Hi Lucy! I'm so happy to hear that you liked my picks.
      Currently I'm in such a lazying mode that is about to end in an hour or so because there's still a lot to study aside from assignment which got slowed down big time because of the assignment.
      I also tried to whip up a little post about what was my mum's birthday all about, but it got way out of hand. If you still want to take a look at my ultimate rambling you can find it here:


      Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely March!


  2. Oh wow you've really selected the best of the bunch! Everyone looks so glamorous! I love how you've put all the photos together - would love to see a similar post on Paris FW :)
    Don't worry I can also say that my Mum as supportive as she is never visits my blog ;)


    1. Oh dear Faye! Since I'm done with my assignment I gave myself a day off and watched Valentino show online today! And I think it deserves a post alone. Also there's a piece in the show which deserves an entire post alone! I know, crazy. For the PFW coverage in general, I'm waiting for all the shows to end first then review them and make my selections. If only it was possible to make the selections, place the orders and see these beauties in my wardrobe the next week *le sigh* someday, hopefully.

      I guess my mum would be more interested if I was doing more food posts which I'm planning on. When I had a food blog I used to love preparing posts with her. We would shoot in kitchen for hours! Maybe involving her could be a good idea to get her more interested. I think she'll become interested when I create my wedding scrapbook on the blog since she's already thrilled by the news and she'll be designing my gown.

      It's lovely to see you stopping by. At least I have you and all my precious readers so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself all the time.