Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Valentino

Verdict: It's definetely not the same watching a show live and looking at the photos of creations. I wish I did this more often. While watching the show online was such a blast I can't even imagine being present in the venue. I only attended to two fashion shows back in Istanbul and they were both so moving. I have to admit that I have serious suspicions that I may be suffering from a bit of Stendhal Syndrome. And I can't wait to share the pieces from Valentino show that made me swoon.

Valentino Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

These are some simple and elegant mini numbers which pretty much got the show started. I love the playful neckline of the pink dress while I could totally see myself in one of black numbers to my graduation ceremony. Wouldn't the black&white dress look just wonderful under the cape along with a statement necklace?

Valentino Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

Is it only me who loves to wear knee length skirts and dresses with knee high boots in winter? I also love the feel of white sheer tops like on the right. White and nude loose sheer organza on pale skin looks very delicate a Valentino classic. I just loved the sophisticated colour that was used in dark blush dress and the flowy comfort it offers. I had a very nice black one back in few winters ago and I totally enjoyed wearing it. I should still have one in taupe but Lokum thought it was a good idea to pull mommy from her skirt when she was a puppy and now it's slightly chewed on the edge.

Valentino Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

The way to my heart goes through a simple gold buckle with brown leather straps attached on a black coat. This combination never fail to steal my heart and what about the cape? Oh, the cape. I think the look on the left could be my fashion week outfit with a little bit more colours if I ever get invited to one. I can't really say I feel totally comfortable with combination of cape and long skirt but the colour and the silhouette of the outfit is alluring. And I undoubtedly fell for the simplicity of the navy number on the right.

Valentino Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

Patterns, anyone? Unicorns, hummingbirds, flamingos on black fabric dancing all together like in garden of Eden. Probably a freshening alternative to our everyday floral patterns. Lace on the neckline and skirts puts on such a whimsical, romantic and feminine attitude in a very pretty way. For a more modern and daily application of the pattern the dress in the middle delivers an aid for plaza women of Wall Street. Just take a moment and imagine yourself with giant shades, cradling the binders of your meeting, wearing a sleek blazer upon the beautiful Valentino dress. Dreamy, huh? I know. While the coat on the right brings us the timeless signature butterflies of Maison Valentino.

Valentino Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

Before it becomes "out" I should wear a dress like the olive green number on the left. Who would think we will go wild about sheer long skirts? I wouldn't. While not giving up on lush yet conservative details, Maison Valentino also picks up the latest trends and gracefully melanges them with the classic elegance. And what about the subtle polka dots? I think this is when Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli carried the game to the next level. Moving to middle, I think it would be a shame to make a Valentino post and not involving a red dress. The sheer patch-work dress on the right brings the bohemian, laid back and sophisticated, fashion forward hues together.

Valentino Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

No wonder I saved the best bits to the end. The big dotted kaftan inspired dress gave me chills and I literally screamed when it first appeared on screen. I swear to stars, in the last three days I've been busting my brains in search of a kaftan styled with this cut, inspired by Kate Middleton's wedding gown. Even though, my mum collaborated with a designer years ago for a futuristic kaftan collection, designs were not exactly what I had in mind. But I'm still so thankful to have her at my side since she's one of the last standing artists skilled in authentic Ottoman broderie technics that are about to extinct. Thanks to Valentino, the part I was most confused is now done and over with. But I guess I'll still need to make a separate post for this piece when I move along with my own creation inspired by it. The number on the right stole my heart with its elegantly placed patterns on the chest and skirts. Whenever a new designer comes up with a high waisted A line skirt and long sleeves I can't help by thinking of Valentino. And the dress in the middle is the perfect proof of how to hold a fashion house's heritage and signature looks while moving infintely forward. At the end of the show Valentino Garavani was seen in tears and completely moved by the designs. 

I also read some articles about Anna Wintour watching the show from the second row, fear not my friends, fear not. The whole balance of fashion world is not shifted, earthquakes didn't happen and thunders didn't strike. Aside from being a diciplined and a mastermind business woman Anna Wintour was still a human when I last checked and I bet she's enjoying her bubbly while chatting with her entourage cheerfully as I type these letters. So, I'm pretty much sure that things is nice and calm in Olympos of fashion. 

Have I said mastermind business woman? At many job interviews I attend, I keep being asked how do I priorotize. Prioritization and delegation is one of key elements of a manager. No matter how holier than thou they are they still prioritize and delegate. And sorry to break it to you but Vogue US is a running business as much as it's a temple for many of us. So, when her team was left behind, Anna used her prioritization skills and offered her seat to her team member who will be reviewing the show. At the end of the day Anna Wintour is there to observe and the all heavy duties are delegated to the members of her team even though the infamous micromanagement style of hers. Which I highly doubt it being that micro. So, Anna Wintour sitting in the second row shouldn't be exaggerated and pointed out as a PR gaffe but it's just a very basic strategical move that any manager should be able to asses and execute in less than few seconds.

What did you think about the show in general? Are you a Valentino fan like me? Do you think the house entered a new era after his retirement?

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  1. LOVE this brand, the last dress is amazing !


    1. I fell in love with the last segment too! I literally can't wait to see people sporting them on red carpet!