Paris Scarves 101

Hello lovlies! Has it ever occured to you that mabe you don't have enough scarfs? And have you ever wondered at least one of many how-to's about them? Well, I think most of us did. Even if you didn't, just pretend like you did, I don't want to be the only one on this world who can't manage a scarf!

Okay, enough joking, let's get down to the business. Scarfs are always the thing about the way French men and women dress. It can totally elevate ones look effortlessly. My personal problem with scarves are, no matter how many I have I only stick with one or two and wear them all through the year. And no matter how many scarves I have and don't use, I just keep buying more.

But this is not our main problem today. Actually, it's never a problem! I have too many scarves, no woman ever said. When in doubt, just buy both, that's what my momma taught me. Even though, I'm a strict less is more person, I'm also aware what a great value item a scarf could be:

1. Endless choice of patterns and colours.
2. Serves as a great range of accessories (belt, headband, shawl, wrist band, etc)
3. The price varies in a large scale but unlike many other accessories, affordable or even the cheap side of scale is not a dissappointment at all.
4. Like I said above, it's a very nice statement item to use and it can elevate the whole outfit effortlessly.

So, if we all agree on more the merrier principle about scarves let's move on to the next vital question. How to wear them? I know the ocean of internet offers variety of options. I've been scanning all of them as a teenager. There have been ones that I dearly used and ones that I strongly disagreed. But as soon as I landed to Paris I opened my eyes wide and observed how Parisians did it. Because let's face it, they do it better!

Before demonstrating the looks with examples, the first rule I observed was:

1. No fringes. (Most of the time)
2. Chunkier and more oversized the better.
3. The undone look. (Don't we all love that?)

So here are few looks that I observed and applied. I'm happy to share!

1. The Blanket Look

I know it's so unfair to look that good with something so simple but this is how it's done. Isn't it just look like they wrapped their favorite blanket on their necks before going out? The texture can vary and it's what makes this look so verstile.

2. The Basic Wrap+Knot Revisited

That's what I do the most. But, French women do it with a chunky pashmina that has no fringe and it just adds whole another look to the good old wrap+knot we know. They wrap it twice and when it's tied the ends of scarf stands up to make a nice bow exactly like in the photo. It's one of the trendiest looks of Parisian scarf mafia. It also looks good with silky textures.

3. Easy Loop

Can be tucked in the coat or just let out. Both chic and timeless.

4. Just Hang It Around

I just love doing that. I can't get over it. I never will.

5. Muffler

There is no right way to do this. You can either fold a square scarf into a triangle or wrap your long scarf loosely on the front so it looks triangle (like in the 1st one). Many women wrap it until they have two short ends, tie them together and hide it under the triangle. For cold weather you can wear a triangle shawl on your neck and feels so cozy while looking trendy.

6. Muffler Revisited

This is usually what happens when you do a very big loose wrap then tie the edges together (or not). It confuses me most of the times and I feel myself lucky when I can pull it off

7. When In Doubt...

Infinity scarf trend is loved and adopted just anywhere and you can't really go wrong with this one.

Photo Sources: All taken from Pinterest.


  1. Numbers 2,3 and 6 are my favourites :) I love scarves but the weather is beginning to get a little warm for them here now :( xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Travel, Friends, Italy

    1. 6 confuses me a lot!! hahah and some scarves just doesn't work with 2 it's a hard life :p

      Lucky you, we're still having April showers even though it's already May :(


  2. I love scarves too - I feel the need to purchase a few huge ones now just to be able to go for look number one! x

    1. I just love it! And funny thing, I only saw it in Paris yet I wasn't able to detect which store are selling it. I guess I saw ones like that in Zara but not sure.
      Another weird thing is, I believe the scarves that are being sold in Paris are chunkier, fluffier than scarves anywhere else!
      I bought a very random one from a souvenir shop, I bet I was screaming "tourist" with it but I just loved it and thought back in home no one could tell it's a souvenir shop item! It's so smooth and fluffly, easy to give shape and it flatters your outfit. Worth every penny. Though, mine was having a look like in 4. Try Zara for 1 but I'm not sure if they still have it.